Tour de Zwift 2023

The Tour de Zwift 2023 has kicked off. I did the cycle in the AM and in the PM the run. I went out too hard on the cycle and 10 minutes in I really felt it. However, after years of marathon-ing that push-through mindset kicked in. One tip I have for these things is to steady your breathing, focus your mind and create a rhythm. When you’ve done this you can better gauge where your at and if you have more in the tank. For the run my Runn accessory hasn’t been used on the treadmill in some time so I’m not sure it’s configured correctly. The treadmill says I ran 1km more than Zwift. thats my own fault but I chose to see it through as the 11th was the last day for stage 1.

Overall it was a good start to the tour. My Whoop was happy.